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My name is Vojtěch Trčka.
I am 19 and I like travelling.
I love adventure.
During the summer holidays 2008, I took my bike, packed all my stuff and went through the Alps to Italy. I just wanted to swim in the sea. Immediately after coming home I started to plan my new journeys.
I like to share my experience with other people. It is a pleasure for me to organize presentations for adults and for the students of different schools. I would like to show the possibilities of the travelling and knowing interesting new places in the world, to let people know how important the knowledge of foreign languages is. And, maybe some people become amazed and motivated to go on similar journeys.
This is the reason why I was on a dangerous, but exciting journey to Georgia on the 24th July, 2010.
I hitch-hiked there. All journey took 40 days.
After coming back, I`ll travel around cities and schools to share my experience by showing photographs and videos.
I`d love to share my experience; and I would like to thank very much to all people who support my travel.
Thank you!

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20.07.2010 23:36:27 | Autor: trvojta

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